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Rare High Phenolic Olive Oil

high phenolic olive oil nicolas netien

Crafting Excellence, Nurturing Earth

Experience the epitome of high phenolic olive oil perfection with our meticulously crafted, small-batch production.

Utilizing cutting-edge proprietary extraction methods and an unwavering commitment to sustainable permaculture practices, we have created a truly unparalleled olive oils that transcends the ordinary. Our Olive Oil has the highest Phenolic content avaible on the market today. Our carbon-negative production process and extreme care at every stage ensure a product of unrivaled quality and distinctiveness. Those are no ordinary olive oils – each bottle is an incomparable masterpiece, brimming with potent polyphenolic compounds that offer a myriad of health benefits. 

Renowned chefs around the globe have embraced our high phenolic olive oils, incorporating them into bespoke culinary creations, particularly in the world of haute patisserie, where their rich multifaced flavor profile and antioxidant-rich profiles shine.

 Experience an avant-garde olive oil, one that harmonizes sustainable production, functional nutrition, and culinary artistry into each bottle. 

high phenolic olive oil nicolas netien

Radically Different

Phenolic excellence


Cyprus's unique terroir further elevates our olive oils. Blessed with a geology found nowhere else in the world, combined with a Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea, our groves bask in ideal conditions for olive cultivation. The intense heat of our summers, tempered by cooling sea breezes, imbues our olives with a richness and depth of flavor unmatched elsewhere.


Our olives are harvested at the peak of freshness, handpicked early in the season to capture their optimal flavor and health benefits. Swiftly transported in refrigerated trucks, they undergo cold extraction at our state-of-the-art mill. Here, minimal malaxation time ensures the preservation of delicate flavors and phenolic componds, resulting in an unparalleled taste experience and the highest phenolic olive oil avaible.


At the heart of our exceptional olive oil lies our commitment to sustainable cultivation practices. Embracing permaculture methods, we prioritize biodiversity, fostering a harmonious ecosystem where diverse plant life, insects, and wildlife thrive. Our zero-kill policy and avoidance of pesticides, organic or otherwise, underscore our dedication to environmental stewardship.


Our olive oil is not just carbon-neutral—it's carbon negative. From cultivation to distribution, we sequester more carbon than we emit, actively fighting climate change. For every liter of our olive oils it is 16 kg of carbon that are sequestreted in our groves.

And with full traceability from grove to table, you can trust that every bottle embodies our values of quality, integrity, and environmental responsibility.

olive oil polyphenol nicolas netien


Our High Phenolic Olive Oils are produced in very limited quantities, every batch is independently analysed and are kept under protective atmosphere in a refrigerated room. Each bottle is fully traceable down to the field.

Due to the rarity and demand we strongly recommend pre-ordering.


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A Plethora of Health benefits backed by Science

Polyphenols are a diverse group of bioactive phytochemicals found in olive oil.

The scientific evidence supporting olive polyphenols' therapeutic benefits is vast, with over 4,000 studies published on the US National Library of Medicine's PubMed database alone, you can also access our own articles here.

Our High Phenolic Olive Oil is not your average Olive Oil, its concentration in polyphenols is up to 30 times over regular extra virgin olive oil.

Below its a non-exhaustive list of science-backed health benefits:

Distribution and White labeling

Unlock New Revenue Streams with our High Phenolic Olive Oil.

Are you interested in offering your customers or clients the transformative health benefits of the world's most polyphenol-dense olive oil?

We are actively seeking distributors across multiple market channels to join our mission of delivering this groundbreaking High Phenolic Olive Oil to health-conscious consumers worldwide. We provide attractive distributor pricing and programs to drive profitability.

For those looking to create a branded olive oil product line, we also offer turnkey white label and private label services. Brand with your company's name and identity while providing your customers the unrivaled quality only φ can offer.

We offer a complete range spanning from our flagship High Phenolic Extra Virgin to more delicate flavored creations. Each bottle reflects our dedication to quality and environmental stewardship.  

Contact us today to explore distributor and white label partnership opportunities with the olive oil pioneering the high phenolic frontier. Together we can make our products's regenerative wellness benefits accessible to all.

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