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Keeping you Healthy, Agile and Active

At Agroktima Philippos we want to make sure you are getting the natural health benefits out of our olive oil.  We don’t want to produce just another olive oil, we want to make sure you get the best Nature has to offer.  That means we don’t need to add or play with Natures original formula. 
In order for you to receive an effective amount of polyphenols in your oil, our process is scrutinised from start to finish.  An all year round operation that we enjoy, as it means we get to spend time in the natural outdoor environment of a Mediterranean island, knowing that we will get to help you live a healthier lifestyle.
Philippos OliveOil 16.jpg
To make sure that you get the highest quality of Agroktima Philippos High Phenolic Olive Oil, there are five steps that are thoroughly analysed. 
It all starts with the maintenance of our olive groves based in the Solea region of Cyprus and every aspect of the process is carefully handled right through to the bottling and storage of the Olive Oil.
Cyprus is a small area but it is blessed with sunshine, sea and warm temperatures.  The Solea region has a clean, fresh environment and the right nutrients and minerals in the soil. 
This is all part of Nature’s formula to give the olive trees the best opportunity to yield olives which consist of high contents of polyphenols. 
Each of our groves is constantly monitored for the quality of the soil and the atmosphere to ensure that each tree has the best chance to yield olives with a high content of polyphenols.
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When it come to harvesting, it is all about the timing.  The polyphenols are produced at the early stage when the fruit is still green.
The critical time to harvest is therefore when the polyphenols are met with the optimum amount of oil.   At this point the elevated nutritional benefits can be extracted from the fruit.  
Every olive on the tree, no matter the variety starts of green.  The longer is stays on the tree the darker it becomes until it turns black.  The olive begins to lose its content of polyphenols the longer the olive remains on the tree.  
It is therefore critical to harvest early for High Phenolic Olive Oil.  Only an early harvest will give you more nutritional phenolic benefits however, the quantity of oil extracted will be significantly less. 
This explains why producers of Olive Oil for the cuisine, will leave the olives on the tree until they are bursting with oil in order to maximize their quantity.  However, at Agroktima Philippos we offer you quality in nutritional benefits over quantity when it comes to our High Phenolic Olive Oil.
Fruit and Leaves
How we harvest our olives also plays a major factor in the role to producing High Phenolic Olive Oil.  Cuts and bruising on the skin of the olives causes oxidation and will negatively affect the polyphenol content. 
We therefore use a delicate process which may take longer but will only benefit the quality of the olive oil in the long run.
Man Holding Olives
Once the olive is picked from the tree, it will begin to oxidize and affect the polyphenol content.  That is why we see it as vital to make sure that the olives arrive at the mill in their optimum condition to begin the extraction process.
The extraction process will determine all our hard work in the olive orchards.  You may have guessed by now that polyphenols are extremely sensitive to air, water and light. 
That is why the machinery used to extract high phenolic olive oil must minimize the use of water and have minimal exposure to air. 
There are many factors involved in the process, any of which will have a huge affect on the outcome of phenol content.
Olive Mill
Olive Branch and Olive Oil
Once the oil is extracted, the process to bottle is significant to make sure that you receive high phenolic olive oil as fresh from the time it was extracted with high contents of polyphenols. 
This way, you will receive high phenolic olive oil in optimal condition in order for you to get the maximum health benefits that Nature has to offer.
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