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To order your bottles of High Phenolic Olive Oil, just email us at or send us a message by clickling the button below.
We can offer you which ever variety of High Phenolic you would like to order in a 250ml and 100ml glass bottle.

Our three varieties look to meet your individual needs with threedifferent levels of polyphenols ranging from over 1500 mg/kg in our Gold High Phenolic to over 700 mg/kg in our High Phenolic Classic.
Send us your order along with your location details and your contact telephone and email address to get you a total cost to include shipping.
If you are ordering outside of the EU, we will check if you are able to receive Olive Oil in your country before taking payment.


High Phenolic is just one of three varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our range that we can offer you.

You can also check out our Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as our Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil for culinary use. 
Just click on to view the website where you can get more details.
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