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Using High Phenolic as part of the Nemechek Protocol

Kids with Capes
Since we started producing High Phenolic here at Agroktima Philippos, we have come to recognise the importance it plays in helping children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Kids in Vegetable Farm
Children Embracing in Circle
Parents from all around the world are using High Phenolic olive oil as one of three essential products used as part of the Nemechek Protocol.
To help improve our quality and service, we work closely with Parent Administrations.  Parents who understand the stress and frustration other Mothers and Fathers have to go through when raising children with ASD.
Happy Dance
Little Boy Playing Doctor
We at Agroktima Philippos are not medical consultants or experienced to give you advice and by no means is our High Phenolic the only brand that can help children with ASD.
If you are looking to purchase High Phenolic to use as part of the Nemechek Protocol, we would advise you to consult with The Wellness Kulture before placing your order. 
The Wellness Kulture are parents with immense experience who have witnessed up close, the positive outcomes of the Nemechek Protocol to further improve the health and lifestyle of their own children.
Children in Library
Girl Reading and Laughing
You can contact The Wellness Kulture for advice and information by sending them an email to
We at Agroktima Philippos will strive to do everything we can to help you improve the health and lifestyle of all your family and by supporting The Wellness Kulture.
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